How ICICI Bank Trapped V Bala Subramanian

This is a TRUE Fact of V Bala Subramainan, a BEL Employee of Bangalore.

Bala applied for a Credit Card upon continuous bugging by the ICICI Bank Credit Card Agent.
Bala was approved of Rs 30,000 credit line which he happily used to purchase. His problems begun when he had to repay. Bala made few payments but the trap was the accumulating Interest on Credit Cards. The ICICI Card agent never disclosed the HIGH Rate of Interest applicable on Credit Card which led Bala for a Heart Attack. No Kidding. Bala suffered a Heart Attack because of continuous harassment from ICICI Recovery agents who are nothing but local Goondas.

Bala’s wife said to The Week Magazine, June 17th Issue,

My husband was battling for his life in the ICU and ICICI Bank Recovery Agent were focring me to clear the loans.

Bala now has a Bill of Rs 60,000 from ICICI Bank on Hand. When they asked the agent why didn’t he explain about the interest rate part, he was mum, because he himself didn’t know which he confessed.

So if you are a ICICI Bank Credit Card Holder, first goto your bank and ask for the Rate of Interest and Terms and Conditions on the Card else cut the card into two pieces and throw them on their face.

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