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Can ICICI Cards Division Unilaterally Deduct Money from Savings Account ?

A reader of our Advisory Service reports his plight where the Card Issuing Bank has deducted money from his savings account to recover his dues on credit card and wants to know if the Bank can do it ? He Writes as follows, I had a credit card # 4477478289029005 against which some payments were […]

How to Dispute Credit Card Issued Without Customer Knowledge ?

A reader of our Advisory Services is seeking help on an issue of Credit Card which was activated but not received by the customer and Bill are sent to him after 4 years. This is what he writes, I had applied for an ICICI Bank credit card about 4 years ago and have not received […]

Harassment by Credit Collection Agent – Pay to Bank or Agent ?

A reader of our advisory services, Mr. Naresh Writes his plight seeking Help in distress on continuous Harassment by ICICI Bank’s Credit Card Collection Agency. His case is as below, [89359] My ICICI Bank Card Number is 447746XXXX588001.Bank’s Collection agency sent an agent to collect my payment and he harassed my family. Moreover, I just […]

ICICI Credit Merchant Service Charges – A Review

Until now most of our coverage has been keeping the consumer on mind. However, a reader of our site shares his plight as user of ICICI Bank Credit Card Merchant Services so that his experience will will stand as a review for others opting for ICICI Bank Card Merchant Service Terminals for their SMEs. I […]

Security Lapse in ICICI Credit Card Division Led to Fraud

It is not uncommon to hear about free flow of Personal Information from the Banks / Financial Institutions because of poor security measures and checks in the banking industry which is very vital at this point of time. A reader of our Website, a corporate customer from Delhi NCR writes about his plight of bitter […]

ICICI Debit / Credit Card Discount Offer on UC Benetton Shopping

It is not uncommon for us to see that Retailers and Banks offering Credit Cards come up with join promotional offers. One such offer that is open is from ICICI Bank offering 15% discount for shopping in UC Benetton Apparel store. A reader of our site shares his experience on how he was taken for […]