Harassment by Credit Collection Agent – Pay to Bank or Agent ?

A reader of our advisory services, Mr. Naresh Writes his plight seeking Help in distress on continuous Harassment by ICICI Bank’s Credit Card Collection Agency. His case is as below, [89359] My ICICI Bank Card Number is 447746XXXX588001.Bank’s Collection agency sent an agent to collect my payment and he harassed my family. Moreover, I just […]

ICICI Jet Privilege Credit Card Annual Fees Dispute

A Reader of our Website Writes to us seeking suggestion on false Marketing of Credit Card by ICICI Bank. His case is as follows, I got a credit card of ICICI Bank. Card type is Coral (JET Airways). When i applied for this card, the customer care told me this is free card for 1 […]

ICICI Bank Coral Credit Card Payback Points Not Given

It is not uncommon to see that your Bank encourages you to spend on your debit / Credit card and when it comes to credit the Points to your account they start giving one or the other reason. HDFC has cheated me by upgrading my card and then eventually setting the 9,000+ points in the […]

ICICI Credit Card Application – False Promise – Delay in Decision

Even with the New RBI Governor in Place sending strict warnings and signals to the Private Banks not to indulge in practices that take consumers for a ride, ICICI Bank which has gotten aggressive to expand its retail portfolio is extending credit cards but unable to handle the Grievances related to the same. A Reader […]

ICICI Bank to issue EMV Chip Cards Only

India’s Second Largest Credit Card issued – ICICI Bank just a while ago took the decision to move towards more secured EMV based Chip cards. ICICI Bank has a portfolio of 2.8 Mn Cards which includes VIA and MasterCard as well as the ones issued as Co-Branded Cards. How are EMV Credit Cards Secure ? […]