StanChart Credit Card Settled – CIBIL Not Updated

StanChart Credit Card SettlementA reader of our Advisory Services had paid the full outstanding on his StanChart Credit Card following the steps listed on Credit Card Full and Final Settlement in India. Yet there is deficiency of services from StanChart’s end and he writes about his woes seeking help [80114]

I was using Standard Chartered bank credit card till year 2008. Bank applied multiple charges and fees and so i decided to close this card. I had word with bank and bank asked me to pay INR 30,000 and assured me that nothing was due on me. They also issues me a letter saying that “Card is closed and nothing is due to me”. Now in 2013 i came to know that bank has updated Read the rest of this entry »

SBI Cards Negligent on Fraudulent Transactions – What are Customers Rights ?

SBI Cards Negligence on FraudWe were the first in India to knock the doors of RBI and get to know what are the Rights of Customers / Consumers in case of fraudulent transactions on credit card. Since then we have advised hundreds of needy consumers. A reader of our Advisory Services who has followed our instructions in disputing with SBI Cards on fraudulent transaction shares his plight that despite many efforts SBI is unwilling to investigate his matter and simply wants him to pay while they let go Thousands of Crores from balance sheet to Filthy Businessmen like Read the rest of this entry »

Fraud Advisory – SaporDeals Online – Review and Caution Notice

SaporDeals Credit Card Fraud AdvisoryWe exposed the SaporDeals Online Fraud and since then we have been getting e-mails requesting to report the matter so that this can save other potential customers from going to this fraud website.

Pradeep Kumar Sharma, a Reader of our Advisory services has shared how he was taken for a Ride by SaporDeals.

I want to alert all readers that some part of my personal information of my SBI Credit Card was leaked and used for mis-selling of items by M/s Sapor Deal Karnal Haryana to me. On 13.01.2014, one phone call came on my mobile phone by a sales girl of above company, she told me Read the rest of this entry »

Security Lapse in ICICI Credit Card Division Led to Fraud

icici bank security lapseIt is not uncommon to hear about free flow of Personal Information from the Banks / Financial Institutions because of poor security measures and checks in the banking industry which is very vital at this point of time. A reader of our Website, a corporate customer from Delhi NCR writes about his plight of bitter experience with ICICI Bank Credit Card seeking advise as follows, [75012]

I am a credit card holder of ICICI Bank, my VISA credit card no is 43755XXXX490002. On 19.08.2013 Rs 70,000 has been debited from my credit card by fraud transaction. Even my mobile number has been changed without my knowledge. My mobile no is 7208877XXX but it is changed to 9967237891( I got to know this information from bank’s customer care). Among the fraudulent transactions, Read the rest of this entry »

ICICI Debit / Credit Card Discount Offer on UC Benetton Shopping

icici credit cards benetton offersIt is not uncommon for us to see that Retailers and Banks offering Credit Cards come up with join promotional offers. One such offer that is open is from ICICI Bank offering 15% discount for shopping in UC Benetton Apparel store. A reader of our site shares his experience on how he was taken for a ride and there was absolutely no customer care from ICICI Bank. His plight is as follows, [73943]

As per terms of offer advertised on ICICI bank website 15% discount [Screen Shot Available Here] was applicable on the purchases made with ICICI Bank credit card (goods value above Rs 3000). I made a purchase of Read the rest of this entry »

CIBIL Reaches 300 Million Accounts, Defaulters Beware

CIBIL 300 Million Accounts CIBIL , India’s premier credit bureau, has become a game changer for retail credit – the backbone of high-quality retail growth. CIBIL is probably one of the less-appreciated success stories of India’s financial sector evolution. It is today, probably the back-bone of the relatively high-quality and disciplined retail credit build out in India.

Satish Pillai, COO of CIBIL has shared some interesting insights, CIBIL has 160m credit accounts (300m product accounts). 90% of new retail credits are backed by Read the rest of this entry »