How to Dispute Credit Card Issued Without Customer Knowledge ?

ICICI Credit Card FraudA reader of our Advisory Services is seeking help on an issue of Credit Card which was activated but not received by the customer and Bill are sent to him after 4 years. This is what he writes,

I had applied for an ICICI Bank credit card about 4 years ago and have not received it. But I keep receiving the payment notice letters and calls from Read the rest of this entry »

Why SBI Cards Refusing to Investigate Fraud / Disputed Credit Charges?

SBI Cards FraudA reader of our Esteemed Advisory Services is a victim of Fraud by SBI Credit Cards division to which he has disputed and appealed the case. However, SBI Cards is unwilling to investigate the case even though they have acknowledged payment to a non-existing company [company just on paper]. There are several mistakes on part of the SBI Cards Division as well but they are not willing to accept the same. We’d like to share the same with you all so that you beware before disclosing Credit Card Data to unknown persons via Phone call or e-mail or Mobile SMS etc.

Ref: Interaction Id- 1-453717563 ‘CaseID=007-045-677′ Re: CaseID=006-773-425′ Re: Reg : CreditCard FraudComplaint(CreditCard No – 4317 XXXX XX84 6119)
I am in receipt of the reply Read the rest of this entry »

Serious Security Breach at HDFC Credit Cards & IT Systems – Advisory

Issues With HDFC CardsIn the month of May 2014, there was an Unauthorized Transaction on my HDFC Bank Credit Card that happened in New York, USA while the card and myself are present in India. It was not an online transaction as my card is secured by Verified by Visa / MasterCard Secure Code. I raised a complaint with the HDFC Banks Card Division filling out their Dispute form and the bank duly refunded the disputed charge but not without several correspondences including to the one with ombudsman.

I duly blocked the card and asked for new plastic. To my surprise, I found that another transaction has happened at the same merchant within 3 days of receiving the new card. This is just impossible as I have not used the card online so chances of breach happening from my Read the rest of this entry »

Identity Theft & Shopping at Capital First – Indian Consumer Rights ?

Identity Theft and ShoppingIndia is a country where citizens lack integrity. We have seen during the Telecom boom that for few bucks the Entire Income Tax PAN Card Database in Big Cities went for sale so that Telecom Distributors could open fake Accounts and distribute SIM Cards to get Spectrum which was linked to the number of subscribers. A reader of our website seeks help as he is a victim of Identity Theft. His plight is as below, [90395] Read the rest of this entry »

Harassment by Credit Collection Agent – Pay to Bank or Agent ?

ICICI Cards HarrasmentA reader of our advisory services, Mr. Naresh Writes his plight seeking Help in distress on continuous Harassment by ICICI Bank’s Credit Card Collection Agency. His case is as below, [89359]

My ICICI Bank Card Number is 447746XXXX588001.Bank’s Collection agency sent an agent to collect my payment and he harassed my family. Moreover, I just made an online payment but he is harassing me to make the payment to him and not online. Why would he do that? I mean, I remember the Supreme court’s order on such agencies. I’m promptly making online payments. Let me continue the same way. Kindly guide me on how I deal with the bank in this situation.

Mr. Naresh is right in making the Read the rest of this entry »

ICICI Credit Merchant Service Charges – A Review

ICICI Bank Merchant TerminalUntil now most of our coverage has been keeping the consumer on mind. However, a reader of our site shares his plight as user of ICICI Bank Credit Card Merchant Services so that his experience will will stand as a review for others opting for ICICI Bank Card Merchant Service Terminals for their SMEs.

I have a Portable Terminal of Credit Cards in my Boutique. I have been paying a rent of Rs 300 plus taxes every month for Read the rest of this entry »