How to Dispute Credit Card Issued Without Customer Knowledge ?

ICICI Credit Card FraudA reader of our Advisory Services is seeking help on an issue of Credit Card which was activated but not received by the customer and Bill are sent to him after 4 years. This is what he writes,

I had applied for an ICICI Bank credit card about 4 years ago and have not received it. But I keep receiving the payment notice letters and calls from the bank several times, very frequently in the recent past. They also claim that I have made a purchse with the credit card (which hasn’t been received yet). They claim that the credit card issued to me bears the card number: 4477462095326003.

They sent me a recent notice dated 11th July 2014 claiming an amount of Rs. 20571.94 (INR) Also I have attached the copy of the notice sent to me. Kindly help me to close this credit card case which hasn’t even been issued to me. This is creating a lot of problem for me when applying for loans. And this has also been an unsolved burden to me for a long time and has been developing mental pressures for me. Anticipating your quick action and support.

Our Advise / Solution to Fight this Case
This is a clear case violation of the RBI Master Circular on Credit Card Operations. Under Section Right to Privacy, RBI empowers the Customer to fight cases where card is issued by the bank but it has not reached the correct person (Customer) and fraud happens on the same. It says,

There have been instances where unsolicited cards issued have been misused before reaching the person in whose name these have been issued. It is clarified that any loss arising out of misuse of such unsolicited cards will be the responsibility of the card issuing bank/NBFC only and the person in whose name the card has been issued cannot be held responsible for the same.

Additionally, the transactions occurring on your card by virtue of which a Bill is Raised is a fraudulent transaction. You can dispute the Charges as explained here.

You are requested to cite the above and appeal with the ICICI Bank Ombudsman. If he fails to resolve the issue, appeal to the RBI Ombudsman and they will definitely resolve your issue.

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