Smart Credit Card Use: Free Android Application to Track & Manage Cards / Expenses

SCU SMS BankingCredit cards also known as plastic currency is one of the best and secure medium of shopping and it is getting popular within today’s generation, especially in IT sector people. As per the Reserve Bank of India ATM & Card Statistics for May 2014, Indian people spent over 1,52,100.00 Million Rupees for shopping with over 4,75,46,000 transactions which include ATM and POS transactions made by Credit Cards only!

Managing and tracking of credit card expenses and payment is sometime difficult if you are using more than one credit card and to track these payments and expenses there are many applications present on the Android play store which turn out to be helpful in these situations. Smart Credit Card Use (INDIA) is OFFLINE and most SECURE app to track expenses made by your single as well as multiple credit cards and payments made towards your credit card’s bill in SMART way.

This application READs and analyzes SMSs sent by credit card companies and presents it in systematic way to keep a track on credit card expenses and payments. As claimed by the developer called VidyabhiSol, this is totally offline app and SMS analysis process is done within the app this means it does not share any personal as well as your credit card related information to anyone. This app supports most of the major credit card providers which includes, SBI, HDFC ICICI, HSBC, Standard Chartered, CITI, Axis, OBC SBI and Maha SBI bank.

Once you installed the app form Google Play, it READ and analyzes SMS’s sent by credit card providers in your SMS inbox and all you need to enter is your credit card limit for each credit card, statement date and credit period (you can edit it anytime). Once you add this information you can now access your credit card transactions and payments in simple user interface which includes Summery, Transactions, Payments and Credit Card SMS banking.

In Summery section is a graphical representation of your credit card transactions and payments for current, 3 months and 6 months span and it also shows the approximate transaction amount and payment due date for current cycle at the bottom of the graph. Transactions and Payments sections are helpful in tracking expenses and payments made by respective credit card. The most attractive feature of this application is Credit Card SMS banking section where you can access your Credit Card account information any time like your credit cards Balance, Last Payment, Payment Due Date and other information associated to your credit card on your registered mobile number.

The unique feature of this application, it suggests the best credit card for today’s transaction which is helpful if you are using multiple credit cards. So at the time of swiping via your credit card you can always refer the app to get the maximum benefit of your credit limit.

Overall, we feel that the Smart Credit Card Use (INDIA) is one of the essential application if you are a credit card and Android user.

You can Download the Smart Credit Card Use (INDIA) App from Google Play here.

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