Credit card Festival Offer – Top 500 Spenders

HDFC Bank Credit Card rep had called to let us know that they are running a promotion during this festival season – Top 500 spenders get 500 assured gifts every month between October-December,2007. [No Lucky Draws]

  • Top 5 spenders – Club Mahindra Holiday Memberships
  • Next 10 Spenders – LG LCD TVs
  • Next 35 Spenders – Apple iPods
  • Next 450 Spenders – Gift vouchers worth Rs 2,500 each

They don’t disclose the amount one has spent. In our Card Analyst’s estimate, to win Rs 2,500 you may have to spend more than Rs 50,000 in one billing period. That is more than my Credit Card Limit 🙂 HDFC is also promising 0% interest on purchases at retail outlets. Please read the fine print and you will get to know their gimmick immediately.

CardBhai advises its readers to ignore all these offers if you can’t payback within the due date. Have a good festival without over spending 🙂

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