Ezeego1 – Credit + Debit Cash Back Offer

ICICI Bank has announced an Exclusive Cash Back Offer promo for its Credit card and Debit Card holders with Ezeego1 – Online Tickets and Travel Reservation portal. Similar offer was made last year and here are the details and comments from some users. Details of the offer as received by us are as follows,

  • All bookings to be made on ezeego1.com only
  • Book a KingFisher or GoIndigo Flight [Within India] + for international travel valid on all international flights, Bus, Car or Hotel
  • Pay using ICICI Debit or Credit Card
  • Depending on the sum of the authorization code of the transaction, you will be eligible for Cash Back Ranging from 10% to 100% [Don’t expect 100%]. Here is the Cash Back Table

Fineprint and Catches in the Offer:
Maximum cash back offer is restricted to Rs 10,000 for each of the respective categories Flights, Bus, Hotels. Card Holder booking the ticket has to be one of the traveller.

Offer is valid until Jan-10-2009 [Please confirm with ezeego1 before booking]

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