ICICI Bank Cancels 13 Lakh Credit Cards

ICICI Bank known for its aggressive lending and new age banking practices was caught on the wrong foot as its Direst Sales Associates and Agents bought in Delinquent customers which has led the Bank to rework its strategy, especially on the Credit Cards front.

In Dec-2009, ICICI Bank had 50.78 Lakh Credit Card Customers and it was on the list of Top Credit Card Issuers in India. However the number shrunk by a whopping 13 Lakh to 37.70 Lakh at the end of Dec-2010 as per RBI data released to CardBhai 🙂

If you were one of those 13 Lakh customers whose credit card was canceled, we would like to hear from you. You can post your grievance on CardBhai Forum or e-mail it to us feedback At CardBhai.Com

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