Credit Card Question and Answers

User: Which is the better CC in which one can pay back in longer time duration with minimal interest on the borrowed amount?

CardBhai: Credit cards are not the best choice to borrow and interest costs are very high. If at all you want to borrow on an undecured loan you should go for unsecured personal loans. In fact if you can possibly give security such as financial assets (Life insurance policies, fixed deposit

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Difference Between Debit and Credit Card

Many still don’t know the difference between Debit and Credit Cards. Debit cards are most popularly known as ATM cards in India.

During the post-liberalization era, the Indian consumer had very less time in a Day and was looking for self banking. Thanks to K V Kamath who started the modern banking revolution – ATM, Online and Mobile Banking.

ATM/Debit Card:
Debit Cards are always tied to a Bank account [Savings or Current].

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