Credit Card as a Finaancial Tool

The Credit Card is a Financial Tool best suited for your needs if you use it carefully and also handle intelligently.

  • Credit Card should be used only in case of emergency if you have exhausted all other means. [However, financially sound folks can also use and pay off in full every month]
  • What is a Balance Transfer of Credit Card ? This allows a consumer

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Disha Financial Counselling – Review and Approach or Not To

Disha Financial Counselling was setup by ICICI Bank with pressure from the Reserve Bank of India to help and educate loan borrowers. RBI has done an excellent job persuading ICICI since the latter has a huge portfolio of retail loans most of which is sold to consumers without properly educating them about the terms and consequences on default.

We have seen so many people borrowing on their credit cards, personal loans etc for events like the wedding or some other extravaganza, just to maintain their status. Once they

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CIBIL and Credit Score in India

Credit History is a an alien term to 99% of the Indians. So lets explore the necessity of Credit History in India.

Prior to 2003, many businessmen[small / petty traders / contractors etc] including large business houses such as Essar, Jindals etc would borrow heavily from one bank and due to their mismanagement would default on loan payment @ that bank and go and avail a second loan at another bank

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Calculation of Finance Charge by HDFC Credit Cards

Many of you still don’t quite understand how Finance Charge is calculated on balance amount by credit card companies. I found that HDFC Credit Card is one of the better ones who explain it very clearly.

Here is a step by step guide on how Finance Charges are calculated.