WalletAssist – Protection against Credit / Debit Card Fraud

WalletAssist Card Fraud Protection The Indian Regulator(RBI) is doing its best to prevent Plastic Money Fraud. However, over the decades Plastic money fraudsters have existed and come in a whole new way to rip off our hard earned money. Increased online shopping , the growing acceptance of debit cards combined with the increase in types of frauds and the need for something that helped with the new frauds was the trigger.

OneAssist Consumer Solutions Pvt Ltd, funded by Sequoia Capital and Lightspeed Venture Partners has launched an enhanced product for the assistance and protection market. The New WalletAssist covers all kinds of fraud on debit and credit card . It covers card skimming,

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OneAssist’s WalletAssist Protecting you Against Credit Card Frauds, Emergency Bill Payments, etc

OneAssist founded by Gagan Maini and Subrat Pani wants to Help and simplify a common man’s worries. Gagan and Subrat have been in the service industry for almost 20 years (each) and have often pondered upon the fact that a few essentials that form a part of our everyday life also significantly increases their dependency on them – mobile phone, credit and debit cards, KYC / financial documents, passport, etc. Loss of any of these could be disruptive and leaves a person stranded & helpless. The core proposition is to offer assistance in times of these emergencies, helping people helping people to lead an uninterrupted life, despite losing his mobile or a wallet or travel documents etc. All this just on one call. One particular product that is of our interest is the WalletAssist.

WalletAssist, as the name suggests, is most relevant for people who carry Credit Cards / Debit Cards. WalletAssist member- on event of loss of a wallet will be able to call the helpline from anywhere in the world and ALL the cards in the wallet will be blocked immediately.

What Benefits WalletAssist Members Get in the unfortunate event of Loss of their Wallet or Credit / Debit Card ?

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