Namaste _/\_ – Indian Credit Card Users

Introducing myself, CardBhai. Nahin Apun Mumbai underworld Bhai nahin Rey. Tou Uttar Pradesh Wala ? Nahin Rey Baba, UP Walas are Bhaiyas. Acha tou App Ki Tarif – Your friendly Credit Card Advisor.

Lets get started on the attrotcities faced by Indian credit card users. I don’t understand the fact why the APR(Annual Percentage Rate/Interest) is so high on these credit cards. It is better to get Marwari or other finances in market which are available sometimes at 1.5% or 2% depending on your solvency, rather then getting squeezed by Credit Card companies like ICICI and alike, which charge minimum of 3%. (All APRs/Month basis).Lets get wise and put or money to work while we sleep, because CardBhai tells, Money never sleeps 😉
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Aap Ka Apna,

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