Use SBI Card on AirDeccan.Net to get cash back.

State Bank of India – SBI Credit Card has an exclusive offer for booking tickets online at AirDeccan.Net. The offer is good till 30th september 2006.

You get incremental money back with your booking. For example: If an SBI cardholder does 2 transactions at, he gets 1% off on his 1st transaction and 2% off on his 2nd transaction. If the cardholder does 4 transactions during the offer period, then he gets 1% off on his 1st transaction, 2% off on his 2nd transaction, 3% off on his 3rd transaction and 4% off on his 4th transaction. The incremental discount with every incremental transaction goes on till his 10th transaction during the offer period on which he gets 10% off. The equivalent discounts will be passed on to the cardholders’ account in the form of Money back within 45 days of the end of the Program. This amount reversal (10% Money back) is subject to a maximum cumulative reversal of Rs.1000 during the Offer Period. It sucks that they are giving you a maximum cash back of Rs1000.

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