CorpBank launched Visa – Classic and Gold Credit Card

State Owned Corporation Bank just a while ago launched Credit Card in association with VISA. The card is branded as CorpBank International Visa – Classic and Gold Credit Cards. [On your Left is Photo of RBI Deputy Governor V leeladhar with CorpBank CMD, Sambamurthy]

Since it is a VISA card, you can use it wherever VISA is accepted. Some of the good features of this card are as follows.

  • The credit card will have card holders Photo and digitally imprinted signature. [This is absent in HDFC and ICICI credit cards]
  • Interest rate is lowest at 1.75% per month compared to others
  • Customer can set his own credit limit [Absent in most other cards]

Readers of our website should note that their is no Annual Fees / Joining fees on this card as an introductory offer. Also you will get Cash Back and petrol Surcharge waiver.

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