PNB Visa Global Credit Cards hit the market

Punjab National Bank which promised Credit Cards last April has finally launched and is really serious about gaining customers. The company is giving first preference to existing customers with good banking and track record.

PNB has launched Visa Global Gold and Classic Credit Cards:
There is no Joining or Annual fees on the card currently. They are also offering 2 FREE Add-On cards [make sure you give it to someone who can use it wisely] and SMS Alerts for transactions.

1 Reward Point for every Rs 100 spent using the card [once upon a time it used to be Rs 50] and 200 bonus points on your first purchase.

Irrespective of the banks or financial institutions APR / Interest on credit cards is always high [23.67% annually for PNB Card] so you know what you should be doing 🙂

We found PNB Card Balance Transfer facility attractive:

  • 0% for facility for 90 days Or
  • 0.99% p.m. for Balance Transfer facility under EMI scheme for period of six months

Foreign Currency Transactions carry a mark-up fees of 3.5% on the amount and Indian Railway bookings cost you an additional 2.5%.

Contact Details:
0120 – 4616200 1800 180 2345 (for MTNL / BSNL users) or visit

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