Bajaj Allianz Credit Cards

Bajaj Allianz financial distributions is planning to launch the Credit Card distribution business within the end of this year. This means the company will not issue any cards on its own but will tie up with banks and credit card companies for the same.

The cards will be sold under the Bajaj Allianz brand name while the settlements are to be done by the partners. So this also means partners have to approve prospective customers credit card application and that will not be in the hands of Bajaj Allianz. We’ll keep you updated on the same.

You cna now apply for Kotak Credit Cards here.

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  1. I need a credit card from Bajaj Aliance because I am keen of online shopping.But am not able to do so because I lag credit card. So if I am eligible for the credit card please inform me. It will really be helpful for me.


    With Best Regards,
    Vishnu Pillai


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