Appeal against Bank for Not Clearing CIBIL Entry

CIBIL is a great initiative, but it is not uncommon to see names of borrowers who have cleared all their dues in the CIBIL database. Here is a case study of a winner.

Mr. Bijay Kumar Dash applied for a Housing Loan and was turned down due to his name appearing in the CIBIL defaulters list. Mr. Dash had availed Citibank credit card and had defaulted on payment which he subsequently paid-off and cleared all the dues. However, Citibank failed in its primary duty to get Mr. Dash’s name off the CIBIL list and hence his housing loan was rejected.

Mr. Dash appealed with the Delhi Consumer Forum and Won the case against Citibank. The forum also ordered Citibank to pay Mr. Dash a sum of Rs 50,000 as compensation for damaging his reputation as a borrower and also ordered that the bank must immediately clear his name from the CIBIL list.

So if you have fully paid up all your credit card and personal loan dues and your name still exists in the CIBIL list, take refrence of this case and run to the nearest consumer court and you will liekly win the case and compensation too 🙂

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    • Loan approval is at the Sole Discretion of the Bank. If their is any WRONG Entry in CIBIL Report, then try to get it rectified and Loan Application can be reconsidered again.


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