Difference in CIBIL Report – Banks Vs Consumers

Many have asked me on CIBIL Report and Score. We have explained to you in detail about CIBIL Credit Information ReportPart-1, Part-2 and Part-3. Now the next question is about CIBIL Score. Why don’t we see the score in the above said reports ? Well, for now CIBIL provides score to only Banks / Financial Institutions which makes a credit inquiry onconsumer.

For the purpose of explaining to our readers, here I am attaching a CIBIL Credit report as obtained by HDFC Bank which shows the score. Rest all the data in the report is the same, except that Score is the only additional column as shown.
Now, by chance if you have applied for Loan / Credit Card in the past 60 days, then you are entitled for the report from the Bank where your score will be visible. However, for the purpose of seeing CIBIL Score, do not apply for Loan / Credit Card and then Demand to see the Report.

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