Upgrading Without Consent – Violation

A reader of our column wrote to us,

Recently, HDFC Bank Credit Card Division upgraded my Gold Card to Business Platinum without my consent – on phone or in writing. What worries me is the huge credit limit offered from Rs 30,000 to over Rs 100,000. Additionally, I am not getting any reward points on this. What are my rights as a consumer, can you please help as I need to go back to Gold Card.

It is quite common to see credit card companies raising limits / upgrading to Platinum / Signature cards for consumers who have a very good track record. Often, consumer are happy and they just accept the upgrade. However, it is VIOLATION of RBI’s Notification to go ahead and UPGRADE CREDIT CARD without the consent of customer. So we suggest you to write a letter to HDFC stating that they have violated Section 6.1.f of RBI’s Notification – RBI/2009-10/64 DBOD.No.FSD.BC.19 / 24.01.011/ 2009-10, issued on July-1-2009.

After this, the card issuing company will have to send a letter of apology and restore your original card and rights. You can post more question / comments of the forum.

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