25% of Complaints to RBI from Debit / Credit Cards of Banks

We have obtained information from the RBI on the Number of Complaints received by the Regulator on various parameters involving Debit & Credit Card Operations.

RBI said that a total of 17,116 complaints were filed by consumers in FY 2010-11 involving Unsolicited credit cards, Charging of annual fee in spite of being offered as free card, Wrong Billing, Excessive Charges, Non-dispensation of money from ATM, Abusive Calls, Authorization of loans over phone, Skimming of Cards etc. These heads constitute 25% of all the complaints RBI received.

In order to improve the Customer Services of Credit Card Holders, a Committee has recommended the following measures,

Call centers as well as the online systems through net banking should enable
a customer to, [This means consumer need not do written Correspondence]

Fix individual transaction limits for debit/credit card use.
Debar or fix limits for purchase of electronic or jewellery items.
Modify the limits for add on cards.
Activate/deactivate use of card internationally.
Limit the use of card to any particular state or a defined area.
In case of Fraudulent use of Card, customer should be able to BLOCK the Card by means of a single SMS with just one word “BLOCK”.

Credit Card Call Centres Useless According to the RBI, the banks Call Centres are useless in Handling Customer complaints because the staff is not very familiar with the banks’ card products. Isn’t it a matter of Shame ? Discuss your views on CardBhai Forum.

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