NetLimit Feature on your Credit Card

HDFC Bank has introduced a new feature for all its Credit Card Customers known as NetLimit. Using this feature, you can set aside a part of your credit limit exclusively for online spends.

The three options of NetLimit are 25%, 50% and 100% of credit limit and this is a percentage of your existing limit. This feature is for your added safety and comes FREE of cost.

Advantages of NetLimit on Credit Cards:
In case of fraud, NetLimit reduces your total avaialble credit limit to just the percentage that you have set for online transactions. Additionally, RBI in India has done an impeccable job by adding another layer of security where the user enters a password to authorize all online credit card transactions.

NetLimit set on primary card is also applicable on the Add On cards within their limits. To set these thresholds, the primary card holder has to call the customer care and set them. Questions and comments can be made on the Credit Card Forum.

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