Anti Customer Service Attitude of SBI GE Credit Card – A Review

SBI Cards Anti Consumer MeasuresA reader of our Site Shares his Review on the SBI Cards as follows,[66720]

It has been almost a year now I am trying to contact SBI authorities for unblocking my SBI Credit Card with number 5241 8264 3405 6616 . The Calls at SBI Customer care are PUT ON HOLD for extra long hours. The response is too late and ruthless “you can try” The unfriendly and anti -customer attitude towards the customer by your executives. I am using ICICI, American Express, CITI Cards and Standard Chartered bank credit cards as well. With none of the banks I had this irritating and frustrating experience. They are so customer friendly & act on time. Here is the detailed description of all the ill experience I had with your bank:- First of all your CC number is not toll free and on contacting there it take us at least 30 minutes in the queue and if somehow we got to contact any executive they are not well trained enough to fulfill our queries. We are again put on HOLD for unexpected long time. If we report any problem we are asked to wait for a call back and by the time we get the call it will be too late. It is the bank’s fault, not the customers’.

In 2012 December I found my card was blocked and contacted your customer care for unblocking & checked the reason for blocking. But CC exec said its confidential and I will get a call back. In this span I have sent a lot of mails for checking status since I didn’t get call in 10 days. After a month they said it will be unblocked. I checked it was still blocked. Again I contacted CC. They asked me to provide address proof. Even I felt weird I submitted all required documents but even after a month it was unblocked. Again I have sent lot of mails as calling you guys is waste of time. Last time I sent the address proof/ID proof by email as asked by the customer service. And for the next more than six month I was not given any reason why my card is not unblocked. And recently again they are asking the documents. But during this time more than 2000 out of my 8000 points are expired and more points are for getting expire in coming months. I have stopped calling them for long and every-time I sent a email to esquire about the issue. So I have email proof for everything I have mentioned here. The customer care have clearly said over mail that they are not going to credit back the expired points. And since my card is blocked I can not redeem the points. I asked them several time to cancel my card and redeem the points but they are not ready for that also. They have harassed me for no fault of mine and now I want the compensation for the same. This, be considered as the intimation for initiating legal action.

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