Fraudulent Purchase on SBI Credit Card – No Consumer Protection

SBI Card Frauds - Not investigated Despite so many checks to prevent fraudulent transactions, they are still rampant in India and this happens in the Card being present mode. One of our Reader Writes to us that, he is a customer of SBI GE Doctor Credit Card. [66334]

I want to inform you that there had been made a transaction of Rs 6999.00 on my SBI card 4317541049402012 on 10 august 2013. which I had not made and then immediately I request the SBI customer care help line no 18001801290 through phone on 11 august to block my card and request to issue me another one(card no 4317541049617866) .now when I get the new one again, there it shows as Super_TPSL MUMBA IN 6999.00 Dr. in a september month statement . then I inform through email and fax no at (2.) Fax on 0124-3992476/ filling the required dispute form. So its my request to you that when I had not made any transaction on this card then why I should pay this amount.please solve the issue to resolve the problem. thanking you with regards Dr.Avinash Kumar MEDICAL OFFICER LUCKNOW,UP

Daily i am getting calls from sbi to deposit the money that had been made fraudulent on my sbi doctor card,when i had not made any such transaction on my card then why should i pay this amount.andd their continous phone calls are disturbing me a lot that iam mently disturb from this. It is my kind request to your honour that please resolve the issue as soon you can ,by checking all the that i could live a tention free life.

We Question the SBI on Why the Following Steps were not Followed on Authorization of the Transaction ?
1. Complaint was filed immediately, SBI could have blocked the amount from being settled
2. Does the Signature on the Slip Tally on the Card ? It will not as the customer’s Signature is different.
3. Why is the onus on the customer to prove that he has not conducted the fraudulent transaction ? It should rather be on the Bank to prove it because it has a systematic process of Authorization, Collection and Settlement.

Most of the checks and balances are already in place, it is just that the Banks & intermediaries do not want to enforce the same and hence the frauds.

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  1. Hi Dr.Avinash Kumar,

    I got similar transaction description on my card bill when i paid the Tikona broadband service fee through only using credit card.

    In my case it is known transaction. I thought this information might help you.

    Thank you,


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