How A new Credit Card Fraud Using Telephone / IVR is Operating in India ?

Credit Card Frauds in IndiaIt has come to our light that a New Kind of Credit Card Fraud Racket is operating in India using the Telephone and IVR [Interactive Voice Response] mechanism. How is this Credit Card Fraud Ring Operating ? A Reader shared his story with us.

A person called from Delhi from the Number +911204835500 named as Arthi and told that the call is from HDFC Bank Credit Card department. As I am a preferred customer of HDFC bank credit card, I will receive some discount cards with other benefits like cash discounts on shopping, family trips, easy EMIs, insurance and others free of cost. For activation, I have to confirm my card details only. Then I said okay. After that, he told my card numbers, date of birth and validity of the card. By getting these details, I got the confirmation that this is from the HDFC end. Then he asked for the security code, which is written on the backside of the card. Then he sent me a onetime password and asked for that. When the call gets disconnected, I received a message on my phone and the message was from HDFC credit card charging INR 6399.00 towards IVR SHIFT THOUGHTS CONSU on 18th October 2013. The call made from the number +911204835500. I had never given any permission for purchasing anything. Please help me to get my cash back.

We think this Kind of Fraud is Possible due to Data Breach of Customer Name, Telephone / Mobile Number and the Type of Credit Card they Carry. This can happen from many sources such as Retailers, Card Processing Agencies, etc We have constantly written to the RBI to strengthen such loopholes in the System.

What Should You Do if you Receive Such Call ?
Never divulge any of your Credit Card information, be it Card Number / Expiration Date, CVV on the Back of Card. If you talk in a bit Harsh Language they will not call back as they will get to know you are not going to fall prey in their net.

In case if you receive such calls, immediately e-mail us the number from which you got the call as we are assisting Law Enforcement Agencies to curb such frauds.

3 thoughts on “How A new Credit Card Fraud Using Telephone / IVR is Operating in India ?”

  1. Sir,
    I have received calls from these two numbers: +919212031877 (today) and +919250909059 (3-4 days back). They almost duped me.

  2. Hello

    I also received a call today and was almost going to fall into the trap. Fortunately, it was my laziness to indulge in long conversation with them during office hour that saved me. Or did it? Because I did generate an OTP using my mobile, although I did not divulge any details to them, including my card details. But if they have found out a way to hack my android phone to get the OTP I myself generated, and if they have my card details already, then I believe they will be able to make a transaction using my card for the next 2 hours. So far, no transaction has been made.

    Thank you
    Fingers Crossed.

  3. Hello

    Today i got calls from these numbers +919999425908. +918505890984.and +917503026591…. they have created the same above story and made me believe that whatever they were saying was true. But luckily i moved myself back when he told me to do ivr transaction where i have to pin my cvv number from my mobile… kindly check these numbers as they are repeatedly calling me… dated 20/10/2020. Time:-5.30pm


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