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SBI Card FraudsIn the last 2 years we have seen increasing number of Frauds that has happened with SBI Credit Card Consumers. We first alerted our readers about the IVR Credit Card Fraud in Nov-2013 and since then it has only grown as you can read here about SaporDeals and again here on SBI Cards.

Today a reader of our Advisory has written about IVR Fraud by Intouch Concepts / MedCare India operating from New Delhi. He writes as follows,

This is regarding the fraud transaction happened in my card last month. I received a call from a lady saying that she was from SBI and offered me an add-on card with some free gifts. They connected to SBI IVR to get the relevant details from me and deducted money. I was under the impression that the call is from SBI due to the IVR messages. I had seen that the amount 7999 is deducted from my account (from INTOUCH CONCEPTS IVR WWW.MEDCAREIN IN on 19/10/2014). I received a package with some papers and a faulty watch. The below is the address of the firm that deducted the money illegally. When I searched internet, I could see that they did the same fraud to other customers as well. Below is one of the links on their fraud http://www.grahaksuraksha.com/intouch-conceptskamal-bhardwaj-complaint/ I have their contact details with me and called them. But they denied everything. Below is the address. I also followed up with SBI on investigating the fraud. I attached the credit card statement as well as the complaint to SBI. I request to take necessary action. Intouch concepts Add-45/10. Ashok Nagar, Tilak Nagar New Delhi 110018 Ph 09213313354

Are the Delhi Police and Investigating Agencies of the SBI Sleeping ?
Why is this IVR Fraud happening to SBI Credit Card Customers only ?
Are Employees of SBI Card Involved in Leaking Data ?

What are the Rights of Indian Consumers who are Victims of IVR Credit Car Fraud ?
1. Immediately Block the Credit Card and ask them to re-issue a new one with new number (if you want it again, some say they are fed up with the system and want a way out)
2. Also e-mail the same to SBI Customer Care as you have told over the phone so that you have a documented evidence.
3. Dispute the Transaction stating that it was a Fraud
4. Fight you case using the Guidelines of RBI during credit card frauds

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