SBI Unwilling to Investigate Fraudulent Withdrawals / Charges on Debit Card

SBI Debit Card FraudEight months ago we alerted you all about the massive Credit Card Fraud that had hit Indian users of Plastic Money. HDFC Bank the Largest Issuer took concrete steps to issue cards with EMV complaint Chips followed by ICICI going ahead and launching the most secured credit card – CodeSecure. However, Nationalized bank SBI has done very little to protect its consumer interests. A reader of this website [65450.1.2013] writes to us as following,

I am an esteemed customer of the State Bank of India. I have losses to the SUM of Rs 55,700 from fraudulent withdrawals using my Debit Card due to lack of security in the SBI Debit Card. When I complained and asked the Bank manager [since Debit Card is linked to my Savings Account], he very casually said this has happened so many times to existing customers of the bank and its very common. he further said that they need to do enquiry and they cannot give any guarantee. He further added that, if you want you can file a case against bank and we are least bothered. In this backdrop, I request you to please get my saving amount back to my account that is sum of Rs55,700.00 (Fifty Five Thousand seven hundred only).

What Action a Bank Customer Must Take in Case of Detection of Fraudulent Charges on Debit / Credit Cards ?
1. Immediately block the Debit / ATM card.
2. File a Written complaint with the Manager of the Bank disputing the transactions as soon as you become aware of the fact. Take his signature and Seal on the Photocopy of the Letter.
3. Send a copy of this letter by Registered AD to the Ombudsman of the Bank in which you are the customer [SBI, ICICI, HDFC etc]
4. If neither the Manager of your bank nor the Ombudsman reverts within 30 days of originally filing the complaint, escalate the matter with the RBI Ombudsman depending on the location where you are located asking for Refund of full amount along with the interest on the same. Send this letter also by Registered AD Only. RBI will definitely look into the issue and solve your problem.

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