ICICI Bank Carbon – Visa CodeSecure CreditCard, Asia’s First trusted for Internet Transactions

icici bank carbon secured cardICICI Bank became the first bank yesterday to launch VISA CodeSecure Card named ICICI Bank Carbon Credit Card beating HDFC Bank, the largest issue of Credit Cards in India in adopting technology.

We all know about the existence of Verified by Visa Cards. So what exactly is the ICICI Carbon VISA CodeSecure Credit Card ? This card is developed using the NagraID Security’s 12-button smartphone-like TOUCH keypad technology which enables secured authentication mode and card PIN protection with unprecedented ease of use and simplicity.

The following picture shows the backside of the ICICI Bank Carbon CodeSecure Credit Cardicici bank carbon visa card lcd touch panel As seen in the picture the card has a LCD Display which is currently showing CARBON, a Power Button below the Signature Stripe and a 12 Button TouchPad. This Card has an in-built microprocessor and a battery which can last upto 3 years. Kindly note this card does not have Magnetic Stripe and there is a EMV Microchip to use this card physically at PoS terminals.

How do Customers Transact Online using ICICI CARBON Credit Card ?
1. There is a one-time activity, i.e you need to first register for Visa CodeSure on ICICI Website and create your unique 4-digit CodeSure PIN. Do not Write this PIN anywhere, you’ll have to memorize just like your ATM PIN.

2. While Transacting Online, according to RBI Guidelines, there should be a second factor authentication apart from the CVV Number which is visible on the back of the Card. Thus if you are a customer of ICICI Bank holding Carbon Credit Card, all you need to do is Power On the Card and you will see it asking for “MODE” on the LCD Display, Press Button 6 (VBV – Verified by Visa) and then LCD Display will ask for the PIN, enter your 4 Digit PIN generated in Step-1 above and wait for the microprocessor to generate a generate dynamic passcodes on the LCD Display of the Card which you can enter to authenticate online transactions.

Fees & Charges of ICICI Carbon SecureCard ?
ICICI Bank along with VISA is doing a Pilot until Feb-2014 and the decision to extend will be taken then. Until then, a fee of Rs 1,000 is charged to issue this secured credit card.

Overall, we recommend all ICICI Band Credit Card holders to upgrade to ICICI Bank Carbon platform as the very absence of Magnetic Stripe will reduce the Skimming Frauds and helps customer use the with total peace of mind, either online or at PoS.

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