A Case of Appropriation of Money against HDFC Master Credit Card

HDFC Credit Card Mis Appropriation of FundsA reader submits that all is not well when it comes to the business practices of HDFC Bank credit Card. Here is a Consumer Woe on the same.

I had tried to renew Reliance General Insurance Mediclaim Policy (New Policy Number 9202522825002493) online on 6th December 2012 whose renewal was due on 7th December 2012. The amount was debited to HDFC Bank Master Credit Card ending with 6281 but the transaction with the merchant failed and no policy was issued. I immediately disputed the same with HDFC Bank and to reverse the amount. Meanwhile Reliance General Insurance using the information from the Bank had tried to appropriate the amount fraudulently by issuing a new policy with a start date of 10th December 2012. This cannot be called a renewal and this has been done without my consent fraudulently with active connivance of HDFC Bank. Despite raising this issue many times with HDFC Bank and Reliance General Insurance, no action has been taken by either party. I have refused to pay for a fraudulent transaction when money is appropriated against a transaction that was not agreed by me. It is like a petty trader who refuses to refund the money when he does not have a product, but instead delivers a wrong product. HDFC Bank sends a wrong invoice from Reliance General Insurance to appropriate this money. In all these, HDFC Bank has been a willing partner. I have written a number of times and HDBC Bank expects me to pay the credit card charge for an incomplete fraudulent transaction. They have been giving lame excuses and want to me settle the matter with the Merchant Reliance General Insurance who are no better in this matter. Now it is upto HDFC Bank and Reliance General Insurance. 8. HDFC Bank executives have been harassing me with falsehood. I expect that I should not be harassed again, but settle the issue between these two companies.


HDFC Bank needs to improve on such practices as we all know that Reliance General Insurance would probably rank at the Top of the list of Global Corporate Worst Practicing Companies. Now the way out for consumer is to file his appeal with both the Ombudsman – the Insurance and the RBI Banking Ombudsman and correspond to recover his own money. A pathetic state of consumer affairs in India.

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