StanChart Credit Card Account Not closed with Repeated Requests – What Next ?

What to Do when Credit Card is Not ClosedIt is not uncommon to see that Credit Card companies are unwilling to close Card Accounts of Long Standing Good Customers who have established good History. Such is the case of one of our readers who has a StanChart Credit Card and despite Full & Final Settlement, Payment and request for closure, the card account continues to be open. He Writes as Follows, [65692]

I have a Standard chartered credit card. When I applied for that card I was under the impression it was life time free card. Now every year they apply annual charge for the services.I have cleared all the due amount and requested them to cancel my card service multiple times. But they are not cancelling my card and also applying late charges every month. I have attached the complete communication history.

When I requested for cancellation of my card and requested them to send the final settlement amount they did not respond in due time and started applying late fees on the pending amount. Now even I have cleared the due amount they keep applying the late fee on the late fee and every month amount is getting bigger and bigger. I have requested for cancellation of my card services from the first communication itself which I had on 16 June, 2013. Please refer the attachment.

I want to highlight again I have paid all the cleared due amount instead of late fee which keep of applying even after I requested for cancellation of the services multiple times. Please help me cancel my credit card service with Standard Chartered Bank which they refuse to do even after multiple requests. They are charging me late fees because of delayed or no response from their side.

In cases as the one mentioned above, all you need to do is write a Registered AD Letter to the concerned Banks Ombudsman [His Name and Address is Available at the Branch] stating state that at the time of Full & Final settlement, Payment was made and thus Charges levied on the said account are completely illegal. Further, Ombudsman must take corrective measures so as to not affect the credit history of borrower / complainant. Attach photocopy of your payment records of full and final settlement, letter requesting closure submitted to the bank earlier. Wait for 30 days and if he fails to revert back, file a complaint with the RBI Banking Ombudsman depending upon the region where you are located and this officer will 100% revert back and action will be taken against the erring bank.

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  1. Credit card staff are really rude and harsh during calls. rather than understanding the cust they just want to pull out money from cust pocket.

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