Unsolicited Credit Card Bill – Indian Consumer Rights

It is not uncommon practice in the Indian Banking Industry to issue Unsolicited Credit Card which may or may not have reached the end consumer. Here is a plight of our reader as he asks to fight the case against ABN Amro Bank which has been now referred to Goons / Collection Agents. He writes […]

Kotak Credit Card – High Auto Debit Charges & Over Due Charges

Kotak Mahindra Bank is the latest to expand its credit card offering but with heavy charges at every step you default. A reader of our Site writes to us about his woes and seeking guidance in using the Kotak Credit Card as follows, [73929] I had applied for a Kotak Mahindra Credit Card in the […]

StanChart Credit Card Account Not closed with Repeated Requests – What Next ?

It is not uncommon to see that Credit Card companies are unwilling to close Card Accounts of Long Standing Good Customers who have established good History. Such is the case of one of our readers who has a StanChart Credit Card and despite Full & Final Settlement, Payment and request for closure, the card account […]