StanChart Credit Card Settled – CIBIL Not Updated

StanChart Credit Card SettlementA reader of our Advisory Services had paid the full outstanding on his StanChart Credit Card following the steps listed on Credit Card Full and Final Settlement in India. Yet there is deficiency of services from StanChart’s end and he writes about his woes seeking help [80114]

I was using Standard Chartered bank credit card till year 2008. Bank applied multiple charges and fees and so i decided to close this card. I had word with bank and bank asked me to pay INR 30,000 and assured me that nothing was due on me. They also issues me a letter saying that “Card is closed and nothing is due to me”. Now in 2013 i came to know that bank has updated this card record in CIBIL and it’s showing as “SETTLED” that means, i have not paid full money to bank. I contacted bank and paid 38620 INR (as asked by bank) on November 16, 2013. Bank assured me that they will clear my name from CIBIL and will update this card status as “BLANK” within 30 days. Now it’s more than 4 months and bank has not done so. They have not updated this card as “BLANK” in CIBIL nor they have cleared my name. Also they are not giving any concrete response in email and every time asking for 45 more days. This is happening from past 4 months. Please take strict action against SC bank and it’s very unethical, unprofessional and irresponsible bank. It provided wrong commitment to banking ombudsman also for this card and now hiding their faces.

I want that this card status should be updated in CIBIL as “BLANK” as i have made full payment. Also i want bank to remove all DPD from CIBIL as this card is closed in 2008.

Our Advise is as Follows,
StanChart is definitely at err by not responding properly to customer and procrastinating its responsibility. One should next knock the doors of RBI Ombudsman explaining the case and they will whip the erring bank because of the unnecessary harassment caused to the customer. Also you are expected to write a strongly worded letter to RBI using relevant sections of this letter written by RBI to CardBhai where-in they explain the Rights of the consumer.

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  1. I strongly condemn the fraudulent practices of StanChart bank. I am also a victim of this bank and suffering bad CIBIL score. They make false promises and trap you into this fraud.

    In 2005 they offered me a credit card and promised it is free for one year and I don’t need to pay annual fees. But, I had called customer care to close my card before one year and on their advice I have cut the card and thrown it.
    To my surprise in 2013 they called me and said I have a due of around 50 thousand rupees despite the fact that I have closed it in 2006 itself. Now, they are asking me the proof of closing the card which I don’t have now.And today, 18-Aug-14 they called me and informed me of 70,000 dues. But they are not ready to provide the transaction details also about my spending on this stupid card which is unethical.


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