5 Important Pointers on How to Handle Your New Credit Card Smartly

Owning a credit card is a wonderful feeling. It gives you a certain sense of financial freedom and keeps worries at bay. However, a lot of people overlook the responsibilities that come with it. By using a credit card irresponsibly, you risk not only building a massive debt but also hurting your CIBIL score in […]

Axis Credit Card A/C Closed & Re-Opened – RBI Violation

A reader of our Advisory Services seek guidance in his case where he closed his Axis Bank Credit Card Account after having it for 5 years and never felt like accessing the credit line. Now Axis Bank has re-opened it and he writes as following seeking guidance under relevant Laws, Rules & Regulations guiding credit […]

StanChart Credit Card Settled – CIBIL Not Updated

A reader of our Advisory Services had paid the full outstanding on his StanChart Credit Card following the steps listed on Credit Card Full and Final Settlement in India. Yet there is deficiency of services from StanChart’s end and he writes about his woes seeking help [80114] I was using Standard Chartered bank credit card […]

Central Bank of India to Launch – Debit Cum Credit Card

State owned Central Bank of India has embarked on an innovative product for Indian Consumers – Debit Cum Credit Card which will be launched very shortly according to the management of the bank in a release to CardBhai. The Card will automatically act as a Credit Card when Customer’s Bank account Runs out of Funds […]

Unused Credit Cards – Don’t Hand it Over to Anybody / Not Even Bank Agents

The Kolkata Police have busted a Credit Card racket involving unused credit cards. The modus operandi set by the thieves was to call credit card holders and tell them since their card is not in-use they’d be levied charges between Rs2000 to Rs 4000. Hearing this, the consumer would retaliate and the thieves would let […]

Which Banks in India Lead the Credit Card Portfolio ?

In our previous article we presented that Credit Cards is the Next Big Product for Banks contributing to Banks Bottom-line in the Wealth Management Segment. Today we’d like to analyze on the basis of Data which Banks are Leading the Credit Cards Business Segment in India. HDFC Bank, SBI and ICICI Bank seem set to […]