What are the Key Digital Payment Trends in India ?

In the Indian payment eco-system, consumer behavior is being shaped by government policies and regulatory changes, tech changes and changing business models, all of which are reshaping the competitive landscape. JAM – Jan Dhan, Aadhar, Mobile. For the first time a financial inclusion program is talking about credit and insurance compulsorily. Saving Account is merely […]

Credit Bureaus Aid Unsecured Lending to High Credit Score Consumers

The transformation of the Indian financial sector began with consumer credit profiling by credit information company such as CIBIL and later permitting Equifax and Experian to compete in the world’s largest democracy. In the last 5 years, Credit bureaus have been a game changer for the personal / business loan and credit card segments. Unsecured […]

Axis Credit Card A/C Closed & Re-Opened – RBI Violation

A reader of our Advisory Services seek guidance in his case where he closed his Axis Bank Credit Card Account after having it for 5 years and never felt like accessing the credit line. Now Axis Bank has re-opened it and he writes as following seeking guidance under relevant Laws, Rules & Regulations guiding credit […]

What to do when Credit Card Application is Rejected ?

It is not uncommon for us as consumers to get tempted to BUY the Latest SmartPhone using Credit Card. However, many of you all don’t know the importance of Credit History and thus end up in the soup. A Reader of our Advisory is in a similar situation and narrates his experience with SBI Credit […]

Citicard – Payment Defaulted, Account Blocked, then Regularized – Impact on CIBIL Score

It is not uncommon for the Indian Youth to opt for a Credit Card as soon as they join the workforce and without realizing the consequences they head towards debt trap. Here is a Case which CardBhai’s Team Counseled and with Prior Written Permission of the Client we are publishing his Case Study so that […]

How Indians Can Now Order Equifax Credit Information Report on Demand ?

In August 2009, CIBIL along with Transunion announced the availability of Credit Information Report for Indian Citizens making it the first Bureau in India to release reports. A Year Later in August 2010, Experian entered the Indian market and started releasing consumer credit information reports on demand. And in Nov-2012, Equifax the last of the […]