What According to CIBIL is Credit Hungry Behavior of a Consumer ?

What According to CIBIL is the meaning of “Credit Hungry Consumers” ? India’s leading credit bureau, CIBIL which manages your credit history and credit score along with global leader Transunion has devised a word – Credit Hungry Behavior for Consumers who makes frequent loan applications [Personal Loan, Auto Loan, Credit Card, etc], as there will […]

CIBIL Reaches 300 Million Accounts, Defaulters Beware

CIBIL , India’s premier credit bureau, has become a game changer for retail credit – the backbone of high-quality retail growth. CIBIL is probably one of the less-appreciated success stories of India’s financial sector evolution. It is today, probably the back-bone of the relatively high-quality and disciplined retail credit build out in India. Satish Pillai, […]

What is the Co-Relation Between CIBIL Credit Score & Loan Sanction ?

The demand for loans in India for various products, including home and auto loans from banks and other financial institutions in India, has grown a sharp 150% since 2010, according to CIBIL. As India’s largest credit information company, CIBIL has 930 credit institutions as its members and maintains information on over 290 million consumer trades […]

Private Banks Ride Retail Credit Lending Boom backed by CIBIL,Experian & Equifax

Indian private sector banks are focused on retail lending, largely on account of process-driven lower turnaround time for lending decisions in the retail segment. Bureaus such as CIBIL, Experian and Equifax have played a key role in meaningfully reducing the probability of adverse selection by lenders, facilitating more sensible targeting and deeper mining of existing […]

Indian Private Banks Rely on CIBIL Data Repositories for Lending / Monitoring

Indian Private banks have a deeper usage of data than PSU banks. Some PSUs banks are big users of the credit bureau and there are others which are still learning to integrate the systems. The critical issue faced by PSU banks is digitalisation of documents and providing the same to CIBIL. To increase the scope […]

Retail Credit Quality Firm + Stress in SME – CIBIL

Mr. Satish Pillai, Chief Operating Officer, CIBIL interacted with Analysts and here is an excerpt from the same. Retail Consumer / Citizens Loan / Credit Status The Retail asset quality has been intact over the past one‐two years in vintage portfolios across all retail products (barring auto loans) and delinquencies are at low levels. Within […]