Indian Private Banks Rely on CIBIL Data Repositories for Lending / Monitoring

Indian Private banks have a deeper usage of data than PSU banks. Some PSUs banks are big users of the credit bureau and there are others which are still learning to integrate the systems. The critical issue faced by PSU banks is digitalisation of documents and providing the same to CIBIL. To increase the scope […]

Retail Credit Quality Firm + Stress in SME – CIBIL

Mr. Satish Pillai, Chief Operating Officer, CIBIL interacted with Analysts and here is an excerpt from the same. Retail Consumer / Citizens Loan / Credit Status The Retail asset quality has been intact over the past one‐two years in vintage portfolios across all retail products (barring auto loans) and delinquencies are at low levels. Within […]

Regulatory Support for CIBIL / Experian and How CIBIL Helped Shape Retail Assets of Banks ?

One should not hesitate to extend credit when it is due, yes we are talking about the Government of India and RBI which needs to be given its due share of credit who were instrumental in pushing banks to give more data to CIBIL and keep cleaning the data time and again. The Credit Information […]

Can CIBIL Data be used for Marketing? Does CIBIL Track Telephone / Utility Bill Payment, Insurance Records ?

Many readers have posed Authentic Questions to Us being the leading publication on Credit Bureau and Card industry in India. One of the readers asked me – Can CIBIL data be used for marketing ? Does CIBIL produce some information reports ? By law [Credit Information Companies Act, 2005 2006] neither CIBIL nor any other […]

How is CIBIL Transuinion Credit Score Calculated for Indian Consumers ?

CIBIL is the Largest Credit Bureau in India as on date. In association with Transunion, they’ve been providing CIBIL Transunion Scores to consumers directly since Q2, 2012. Since 2008-09, CIBIL Scores were provided only to financial institutions to help evaluate the consumer. Many of you asked us – How CIBIL Score is Calculated and the […]

What is CIBIL Transunion Score ? Explained

Over the past few years, CIBIL has substantially increased its member base as well as borrower base. The members are banks, NBFCs and housing finance companies who provide borrower data to CIBIL. CIBIL now has 800 members with a database of 135m borrowers and 230 individual consumer loan accounts [20% of Indian Population] We’d like […]