Credit Bureaus Aid Unsecured Lending to High Credit Score Consumers

The transformation of the Indian financial sector began with consumer credit profiling by credit information company such as CIBIL and later permitting Equifax and Experian to compete in the world’s largest democracy. In the last 5 years, Credit bureaus have been a game changer for the personal / business loan and credit card segments. Unsecured […]

What According to CIBIL is Credit Hungry Behavior of a Consumer ?

What According to CIBIL is the meaning of “Credit Hungry Consumers” ? India’s leading credit bureau, CIBIL which manages your credit history and credit score along with global leader Transunion has devised a word – Credit Hungry Behavior for Consumers who makes frequent loan applications [Personal Loan, Auto Loan, Credit Card, etc], as there will […]

Want Car Loan ? Have Good Credit Score – Bankers Relying on CIBIL Report

Auto Loans in India are on rise in the past 3 years and the demand is especially coming from smaller cities. After the 2008 Crisis, Banks have tightened their lending norms towards unsecured loans – Credit Cards & Personal Loans and even for Auto Loans they are increasingly relying on Credit Reports ans Scores from […]