Keya – AI Bot – Kotak Mahindra Bank – Consumer Experience Review

Kotak Mahindra Bank the bank for today’s genNext has embraced Digital Banking solutions more than any other bank in India. I had logged on to pay my Credit Card Bill and for some reason the Web Services on their online portal was non-responsive and I got the error message “Server is Down, Please Re-Login after Sometime.”

Before I decided to try again after sometime, “Keya – the AI Bot of Kotak Mahindra Bank” caught my attention and I decided to interact with her. Here is my Conversation and completion of transaction of Bill Payment.

Hi there!
I’m Keya. You can ask me questions related to
– Debit Card
– Credit Card
Go on, ask me!

I keyed in – Pay Credit Card Bill

Since I have only one credit card, it displayed the same and gave the option to pay – Full Outstanding, Rs 100 Minimum Amount or Different Amount. I chose to pay the Outstanding as shown below

Keya later asked me the payment mode – Kotak or Non-Kotak. Since I hold a Kotak Bank Account, I chose to pay by Kotak as indicated below,

It now asked for the Confirmation and upon confirmation, the bill was paid as shown below.

The only question I have on my mind is whether Key – Virtual Assistant of Kotak used “SSL” for communication with the Bank’s server ?

I hope all the Modern Indian Private Banks will begin to embrace such simple yet helpful and time saving technologies to simplify banking process.

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