Indians Hold 191.21 Mn Plastic -Debit + Credit Cards

We were consulting for an online project and hence wanted to know how many Indians actually own Credit Card and Debit Cards. Together [Debit + Credit], 191.21 Mn Plastic Money Cards has been issued by all the banks in India[Single User may have Multiple Cards] but we get an approximation that at least 17% of the Billion people can now shop using Plastic.

The break up Debit Cards vs Credit Cards in Cirulation is as follows,
Debit Cards – 170.56
Credit Cards – 20.64

Credit Card Data:
Credit Card is either Visa or Mastercard which is the most popular and in some instance American Express.

The Top 10 Credit Card Issuers in India are as follows,
ICICI Bank – 5.07 Mn
HDFC Bank – 4.42 Mn
SBI Cards – 2.65 Mn
Citibank – 2.54 Mn
HSBC Cards – 1.3 Mn
StanChart Credit Cards – 1.1 Mn
ABN Amro – 0.78 Mn
Axis Bank – 0.57 Mn
Deutsche Bank – 0.495 Mn
American Express – 0.45 Mn

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Data Courtesy – The Reserve Bank of India

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