Serious Security Breach at HDFC Credit Cards & IT Systems – Advisory

In the month of May 2014, there was an Unauthorized Transaction on my HDFC Bank Credit Card that happened in New York, USA while the card and myself are present in India. It was not an online transaction as my card is secured by Verified by Visa / MasterCard Secure Code. I raised a complaint […]

What to Do When Your Credit Card Transaction is Cancelled / Failed ?

India is a truly Unique Country in its own way. At one end it boasts of having the Second Largest Telecom Subscriber Network and on the other hand Credit Card transactions happening on these Telecommunications network fail quite often for connectivity reasons. Such an instance happened when the Credit Card Authorization was Cancelled / Failed […]

Missed Call to be used for Credit Card 2nd Factor Authentication in Online / Mobile Transaction

After looking into Massive Credit Card Frauds in Online Transactions happening Abroad for Cards Issued in India, CardBhai – Credit Advisory floated the idea of 2nd Factor of Authentication for Card Not Present Transactions such as Online Shopping. Earlier in March, the RBI mandated Credit Card Issuing companies to upgrade their systems for Additional Authentication […]

HDFC Credit Cards Roll-Out “One Time Password” for Online Transactions

India’s Largest Credit Card issuer, HDFC Credit Cards today informed us that they have rolled out One Time Password [OTP] authentication for Online Transactions. Consumers now have a choice to use either MasterCard SecureCode / Verified by Visa OR One Time Password which will be sent to the customers registered e-mail id as well as […]