How Visa / Mastercard Business is Disrupted and their Online Position

For decades, Visa and Mastercard were the undisputed market leaders in Payment Processing. The alternative payment industry emerged with Paypal which became the standard for online payments. PayPal has meaningful room to grow as it taps into new markets including the sharing economy, bill payment, and B2B payments. After several unsuccessful attempts, Amazon is seeing […]

300% Spike in Cashless Transactions During Rs 500 / 1000 Demonetisation Drive of 2016

The Narendra Modi led government Demonetized highest value currency notes of Rs 1,000 and Rs 500 in November 2016. India primarily being a Cash Economy of which 50% is the parallel Black Money Economy, suffered during demonetization as their was total chaos on the availability of cash. Citizens had to rely on their Debit Cards […]

Total Debit and Credit Card Issued in India Reaches 520 Mn in 2014

In continuing our tradition to source authentic data and present it to you, we have published the breakup of Debit Card and Credit Cards in circulation in India at the end of Dec 2014. It gives me immense pleasure to state that Total Debit & Credit Card Penetration in India has touched a whopping 520 […]

Fraud Advisory – SaporDeals Online – Review and Caution Notice

We exposed the SaporDeals Online Fraud and since then we have been getting e-mails requesting to report the matter so that this can save other potential customers from going to this fraud website. Pradeep Kumar Sharma, a Reader of our Advisory services has shared how he was taken for a Ride by SaporDeals. I want […]

What to Do When Your Credit Card Transaction is Cancelled / Failed ?

India is a truly Unique Country in its own way. At one end it boasts of having the Second Largest Telecom Subscriber Network and on the other hand Credit Card transactions happening on these Telecommunications network fail quite often for connectivity reasons. Such an instance happened when the Credit Card Authorization was Cancelled / Failed […]

Missed Call to be used for Credit Card 2nd Factor Authentication in Online / Mobile Transaction

After looking into Massive Credit Card Frauds in Online Transactions happening Abroad for Cards Issued in India, CardBhai – Credit Advisory floated the idea of 2nd Factor of Authentication for Card Not Present Transactions such as Online Shopping. Earlier in March, the RBI mandated Credit Card Issuing companies to upgrade their systems for Additional Authentication […]