Credit Card Customer Care is Blind and Illiterate

It is not very uncommon experience to have bad customer service when the correspondence is by means of an e-mail. However, in case of ICICI Bank’s Credit Card division the customer service is worse. Looks like they are illiterate too.

We have in our possession an e-mail by one of high profile customer now working with Barclays Wealth-UK, who is frustrated and facing mental agony due to ICICI Bank’s 3rd rate Quality of Service. This customer has never received a Credit Card which ICICI Bank had sent to him in 2003. Recall the Card Scam in Bangalore”>Credit Card Scam in Bangalore last month ? Looks like he is a victim of such a scam.

The worst thing is ICICI bank has his e-mail address in their records but they never sent a single e-mail until 2007 informing about what has happened to the credit card nor a word about amount due on it and they have waited for 4 long years. It could be ICICI Bank’s poor IT systems as well, they have a terrible system since I am a FRUSTRATED USER of ICICI Direct.

Readers check out about the Day Light Fraud ICICI Bank has committed. In very fine print, they publish that they can consolidate all of your ICICI Bank accounts. So what ICICI bank did is, they found Savings account of this victim and debited the amount due on his credit card. This is a straight forward FRAUD. You guys have to be aware of all these things as this is your hard earned money. This is the reason why I specifically give written instructions to keep the Credit Card account secluded and lonely from all other accounts.

According to VISA / Mastercard in the United States, you are not liable for any dues on your card if you have not used the card. Banks and Financial Institutions are running a lobby in India by ripping of their own customers instead of investigating cases of fraudulent activity and bringing the merchants to book where such shady activities have taken place.

We will escalate the matter if the victim is willing to co-operate and first bring this arrogant bank to book.

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