Identity Theft & Shopping at Capital First – Indian Consumer Rights ?

India is a country where citizens lack integrity. We have seen during the Telecom boom that for few bucks the Entire Income Tax PAN Card Database in Big Cities went for sale so that Telecom Distributors could open fake Accounts and distribute SIM Cards to get Spectrum which was linked to the number of subscribers. […]

Heavy Loan Borrowers / Spenders – Beware Experian Analytics Tools Monitoring You

Experian India is gradually unveiling its Global Tools and Analytical Services to Indian customers [Banks & FIs] Apart from Serving Credit Reports and Scores, they are now offering Value Added Services which covers Frauds and Consumers on the verge of Default. Experian has rolled out tools that track consumers borrowing / spending heavily or acting […]

Experian Looking at Growth Opportunities in India

Experian leading Credit Bureau globally is prioritizing growth (6-8% organic in our model) over margin expansion. This is probably in the best interest of company and investors. The four main growth drivers Experian is focusing on are Geographic expansion, Increasing data depth Growing business segments within each geography, and Introducing and monetizing new products / […]