Experian Looking at Growth Opportunities in India

Experian-India-GrowthExperian leading Credit Bureau globally is prioritizing growth (6-8% organic in our model) over margin expansion. This is probably in the best interest of company and investors. The four main growth drivers Experian is focusing on are

  1. Geographic expansion,
  2. Increasing data depth
  3. Growing business segments within each geography, and
  4. Introducing and monetizing new products / verticals.

The company appears well positioned to profit from big global trends – increasing regulations and compliance,  the extreme growth in data, clients’ recognition of the critical need for better data analytics,  the growth in online fraud and an increasing need to understand the customer.

The company is focused on growing businesses in Brazil, Columbia, India, Venezuela, Peru and Australia.

Penetration of Credit Bureaus around the World
Against the benchmark of an “ideal” credit bureau penetration is 50% in Australia, 70% in Brazil, 48% in India, 81% in UK and 77% in the US.
Positive data in Brazil and verified income and employment in the US are just two examples of potential improvements.

Experian’s Focus on New Products
Newer verticals include auto, healthcare, insurance, utilities and telco. New products include Powercurve, Business IQ and many more.

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