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What According to CIBIL is Credit Hungry Behavior of a Consumer ?

What According to CIBIL is the meaning of “Credit Hungry Consumers” ? India’s leading credit bureau, CIBIL which manages your credit history and credit score along with global leader Transunion has devised a word – Credit Hungry Behavior for Consumers who makes frequent loan applications [Personal Loan, Auto Loan, Credit Card, etc], as there will […]

What to do when Credit Card Application is Rejected ?

It is not uncommon for us as consumers to get tempted to BUY the Latest SmartPhone using Credit Card. However, many of you all don’t know the importance of Credit History and thus end up in the soup. A Reader of our Advisory is in a similar situation and narrates his experience with SBI Credit […]

Smart Credit Card Use: Free Android Application to Track & Manage Cards / Expenses

Credit cards also known as plastic currency is one of the best and secure medium of shopping and it is getting popular within today‚Äôs generation, especially in IT sector people. As per the Reserve Bank of India ATM & Card Statistics for May 2014, Indian people spent over 1,52,100.00 Million Rupees for shopping with over […]

Identity Theft & Shopping at Capital First – Indian Consumer Rights ?

India is a country where citizens lack integrity. We have seen during the Telecom boom that for few bucks the Entire Income Tax PAN Card Database in Big Cities went for sale so that Telecom Distributors could open fake Accounts and distribute SIM Cards to get Spectrum which was linked to the number of subscribers. […]

StanChart Credit Card Settled – CIBIL Not Updated

A reader of our Advisory Services had paid the full outstanding on his StanChart Credit Card following the steps listed on Credit Card Full and Final Settlement in India. Yet there is deficiency of services from StanChart’s end and he writes about his woes seeking help [80114] I was using Standard Chartered bank credit card […]

Kotak Credit Card – High Auto Debit Charges & Over Due Charges

Kotak Mahindra Bank is the latest to expand its credit card offering but with heavy charges at every step you default. A reader of our Site writes to us about his woes and seeking guidance in using the Kotak Credit Card as follows, [73929] I had applied for a Kotak Mahindra Credit Card in the […]