Security Lapse in ICICI Credit Card Division Led to Fraud

It is not uncommon to hear about free flow of Personal Information from the Banks / Financial Institutions because of poor security measures and checks in the banking industry which is very vital at this point of time. A reader of our Website, a corporate customer from Delhi NCR writes about his plight of bitter […]

SaporDeals.Com Discount Card Fraud using Tele-Marketing with IVR

In Nov-2013, we alerted all our readers with the new kind of Credit Card fraud that is going on in India where your credit card details are divulged by you and essentially without full knowledge you authorize a transaction over the phone. A Reader of our website, Mr. Akhil Gupta writes to us on how […]

Fraudulent Purchase on SBI Credit Card – No Consumer Protection

Despite so many checks to prevent fraudulent transactions, they are still rampant in India and this happens in the Card being present mode. One of our Reader Writes to us that, he is a customer of SBI GE Doctor Credit Card. [66334] I want to inform you that there had been made a transaction of […]

How A new Credit Card Fraud Using Telephone / IVR is Operating in India ?

It has come to our light that a New Kind of Credit Card Fraud Racket is operating in India using the Telephone and IVR [Interactive Voice Response] mechanism. How is this Credit Card Fraud Ring Operating ? A Reader shared his story with us. A person called from Delhi from the Number +911204835500 named as […]

SBI Unwilling to Investigate Fraudulent Withdrawals / Charges on Debit Card

Eight months ago we alerted you all about the massive Credit Card Fraud that had hit Indian users of Plastic Money. HDFC Bank the Largest Issuer took concrete steps to issue cards with EMV complaint Chips followed by ICICI going ahead and launching the most secured credit card – CodeSecure. However, Nationalized bank SBI has […]

Unused Credit Cards – Don’t Hand it Over to Anybody / Not Even Bank Agents

The Kolkata Police have busted a Credit Card racket involving unused credit cards. The modus operandi set by the thieves was to call credit card holders and tell them since their card is not in-use they’d be levied charges between Rs2000 to Rs 4000. Hearing this, the consumer would retaliate and the thieves would let […]