Retail Credit Quality Firm + Stress in SME – CIBIL

Mr. Satish Pillai, Chief Operating Officer, CIBIL interacted with Analysts and here is an excerpt from the same. Retail Consumer / Citizens Loan / Credit Status The Retail asset quality has been intact over the past one‐two years in vintage portfolios across all retail products (barring auto loans) and delinquencies are at low levels. Within […]

Heavy Loan Borrowers / Spenders – Beware Experian Analytics Tools Monitoring You

Experian India is gradually unveiling its Global Tools and Analytical Services to Indian customers [Banks & FIs] Apart from Serving Credit Reports and Scores, they are now offering Value Added Services which covers Frauds and Consumers on the verge of Default. Experian has rolled out tools that track consumers borrowing / spending heavily or acting […]

How Indians Can Now Order Equifax Credit Information Report on Demand ?

In August 2009, CIBIL along with Transunion announced the availability of Credit Information Report for Indian Citizens making it the first Bureau in India to release reports. A Year Later in August 2010, Experian entered the Indian market and started releasing consumer credit information reports on demand. And in Nov-2012, Equifax the last of the […]

Secured Credit Cards in India – Great Product to Build Credit History for Students, Housewives etc

Today I’d like to educate our Readers on what a Secured Credit Card means, its availability in India and who can avail the same. Like any other industry, Credit Cards vertical of the banking industry had a bumpy ride since its off-take in 2005 and subsequent bust in 2008-09. Credit Cards by nature are classified […]

What Type of Data Repositories CIBIL Collects? Ranging from Individual to Frauds

CIBIL Transunion is the leading Credit Bureau of India with with the largest number of credit information records. RBI the Indian Financial System regulator has mandated every Financial Institution including Banks in India to submit Lending Data to atleast one Credit Bureau / Information company. Over 800 FIs upload data about Borrowers on a monthly […]